Computational Astrophysics I:
Introduction and basic concepts - SoSe 2020

day time room type lecturer
Monday 14:15 - 15:45 28.0.087 seminar Roberto Cotesta
Thursday 12:15 - 13:45 28.0.087 lecture Helge Todt


Computational simulations are a standard tool in astrophysics. In this lecture we present basic numerical methods for the simulation of physical problems based on relevant examples from astrophysics, exercises in C/C++ and Fortran are included. As Fortran is very common in astrophysics, this lecture also contains an introduction to Fortran.

This course is part I of the specialization "Computational Astrophysics".

Certificate of attendance:

  • without mark, e.g., Master of Astrophysics, module PHY-765:
    "Topics in Advanced Astrophysics" (this module has in total 12 CP!):

    at least 1./3. of the total points of the (weekly) exercises

  • with a mark (other Master courses):
    small programming project at the end of the semester

Exercises (pdf):

Lectures (pdf):


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