Time-dependent simulation of a multicomponent stellar wind

V. Votruba1,3, A. Feldmeier2, J. Kubat1, R. Nikutta2

1Astonomical Institute Ondrejov, Czech Republic
2Universität Potsdam, Institut für Physik, Astrophysik
3Universität Brno, Czech Republic

We develop a time-dependent multicomponent code for stellar wind from hot stars and apply them to some typical Be stars. We calculate the Chandrasekhar dynamical friction using simple a approximation of the Chandrasekhar function, which help us stabilize the stiffness of the problem. We use the vanLeer code to solve time dependent hydrodynamics equations of a two component stellar wind. We represent Coulombic collisions between the passive bulk of plasma and the absorbing ions by calculating approximations of the Chandrasekhar function, which allow us to use an analytical expression for the friction term in the code. We apply this method for stars with well coupled wind in the first and compare result with usual one component mCAK model.

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