International Workshop on
in Hot-Star Winds
18. - 22. June 2007
Potsdam, Germany

First Announcement
Update - January 12, 2007

First Announcement as printable .pdf file


Scientific rationale

Stellar winds from hot stars are not homogeneous, spherically symmetric or stationary. There are multiple lines of evidence for ''wind clumping'', coming from

No consistent understanding exists yet about the physics, geometry and parameters of the wind clumping. The urgent interest in this problem is boosted by its far-reaching implications. Most important, all techniques to derive empirical mass-loss rates are more or less corrupted by wind clumping. Consequently, mass-loss rates are extremely uncertain. Within this range of uncertainty, completely different scenarios for the evolution of massive stars are obtained. Settling these questions for Galactic OB, LBV and Wolf-Rayet stars is prerequisite to understanding stellar clusters and galaxies, or predicting the properties of first-generation stars.

Wind clumping is under investigation from various observational and theoretical approaches. When combining all different pieces of information, it should be possible to obtain a picture that unifies the empirical manifestations with a theoretical understanding of inhomogeneous stellar winds.

The intention of the workshop is to bring together all experts in the field, in order to develop such a consistent picture and understanding of clumped stellar winds during one week of extensive exchange and discussion.

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

John Brown (Glasgow)
Joseph Cassinelli (Madison)
Paul Crowther (Sheffield)
Alex Fullerton (Baltimore)
Wolf-Rainer Hamann (Potsdam, chair)
Anthony Moffat (Montreal)
Stan Owocki (Newark)
Joachim Puls (Munich)


The meeting will be held in the Kongresshotel Potsdam ( This hotel is located in the outskirts of Potsdam, at a lakeside but only a few tram stations from the city center. Potsdam neighbors the German capital Berlin, and is easily reached from the international Airports Berlin-Tegel (TXL) and Berlin-Schönefeld (SFX).

The hotel offers a package, comprising

The total package is 409 Euro (354 when sharing a double room), and must be paid during the workshop directly to the hotel. Extra nights can be booked for 51 Euro including breakfast (40 Euro when sharing a double room). Note that single-room package became cheaper than announced previously. The LOC will organize the hotel booking together with the registration.

Time schedule

1. March 2007 Registration deadline
1. May 2007 Late Registration deadline
May 2007 Third Announcement

18. - 22. June 2007 Workshop

Sunday, 17. June 2007, 18:00 : Dinner and welcome drink
Friday, 22. June 2007, 15:00 : Closing of the workshop

The program

The workshop will concentrate on oral presentations and extended discussions. Only very few posters can be accepted.


The conference proceedings will be published mainly electronically. The official publisher is the Universitaetsverlag Potsdam. ADS will give links to the articles, and after three years ADS will also archive the files.

A limited number of paper copies will be printed (paperback, simple binding) and provided for the participants.


The capacity of the workshop is limited to 50 participants. Preregistration is open from now onwards. Please send an email to: , stating your

Registration Fee

The registration fee will be 220 Euro (270 Euro for late registration after 1st of March, 2007). It includes an excursion and the conference dinner. Accompanying persons may register for 100 Euro to participate in the social events.

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