Final Announcement

Workshop on clumping in hot-star winds

18. - 22. June 2007 in Potsdam, Germany

Final Announcement as printable .pdf file


Thank you for having registered to the workshop. Here we provide closer information for the participants.

Please see the Conference homepage ( for the most recent versions of:

General travel information

Weather in Germany is unpredictable. Most likely, June is sunny and warm. The statistical average for June is 22/11 degree Celsius (72/52 Fahrenheit) for the daily maximum/minimum temperature. However, one should also be prepared for very hot (>30 degree Celsius) days, as well as for chilly evenings or strong rain showers.

We have ''Middle European Summer Time'' (MEST), which is two hours ahead of Greenwich Universal Time (UT).

Voltage is 230V AC. Participants from US or UK, for instance, will need suitable adapters for plugging in their electric equipment.

Wireless LAN will be provided in and around our conference room (WPA encoding, password ''workshop''). Internet access from the hotel rooms may be purchased from the hotel.


Overhead projector and beamer (XVGA resolution, 1024x768) are provided for the oral presentations. You may connect your own laptop, or use the conference laptop which is provided and installed with MS Powerpoint and Acroread. Note that showing Powerpoint files on a foreign computer sometimes causes troubles, e.g. if non-standard fonts or plug-ins are used. Safest on a foreign computer are pdf files.

You may upload your presentation in advance to our anonymous ftp server (please notify by email after having done so). When bringing along your file on USB-stick or CD-ROM, please upload it to the conference laptop prior to your session.

Time allocated for each talk : 20min (15min presentation + 5min discussion)
Time allocated for reviews (R) : 40min (35min presentation + 5min discussion)


The accepted posters can be displayed in the lobby area in front of our conference room. The pinboards are 125cm wide and 140cm high.

Conference proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published electronically by ''Universitätsverlag Potsdam''. Being a publication by an official publisher, ADS will give references to the articles. Deadline for the article submission will be the 1st of August. Style file and page limits will be provided at the conference.

The hotel

The meeting is held in the

Kongresshotel Potsdam
Am Luftschiffhafen 1
14471 Potsdam
Tel.: (0331) 907-0
Fax.: (0331) 907-70777
This hotel is located in the outskirts of Potsdam, about 5km south-west from the city center. There are good public transport connections.

Note that your hotel room has been reserved by us on your behalf; any hotel bills will be to your name, and have to be settled by yourself before departure. Make clear on arrival at the hotel reception desk that you belong to the Clumping Workshop and are booked under the corresponding package deal.

How to reach the Hotel on arrival?

Participants are supposed to arrive via the Airport Berlin-Tegel (TXL), the Airport Berlin-Schoenefeld (SFX), by railway, or by car. Detailed descriptions how to reach the Kongresshotel are provided on the conference homepage for either case under the link ``Travel Information''.

We offer to communicate your arrival time to us; maybe we can bring some of you into contact with each other for sharing taxis.

Emergency phone

In case you get lost somewhere, this is Lida Oskinova's

mobile phone number: ++49-152 02 98 72 40

(or 0152 02 98 72 40 from inside the German network)

Start of the gathering on Sunday evening

in the ''Restaurant Lemon'' area of the hotel, stairs down from the big entrance hall

17:00 - 22:00 Workshop Registration and Help Desk
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Welcome Drink

We wish you a safe travel, and are looking forward to see you in Potsdam!

Scientific Organizing Committee (SOC)

John Brown (Glasgow)
Joseph Cassinelli (Madison)
Paul Crowther (Sheffield)
Alex Fullerton (Baltimore)
Wolf-Rainer Hamann (Potsdam, chair)
Anthony Moffat (Montreal)
Stan Owocki (Delaware)
Joachim Puls (Munich)

Local Organizing Committee (LOC)

Andrea Brockhaus
Adriane Liermann
Lidia Oskinova
Andreas Barniske
Achim Feldmeier
Götz Gräfener
Wolf-Rainer Hamann
Helge Todt