XMM-Newton Observations of the Nitrogen-Rich Wolf-Rayet star WR1

R. Ignace1, L. Oskinova2 and J. C. Brown3

University of Wisconsin, USA1; University of Potsdam, Germany2; University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK3

We present XMM-Newton results for the X-ray spectrum from the N-rich Wolf-Rayet (WR) star WR 1. The EPIC instrument was used to obtain a medium-resolution spectrum. The following features characterize this spectrum: (a) significant emission "bumps" appear that are coincident with the wavelengths of typical strong lines, such as Mg XI, Si XIII and S XV; (b) little emission is detected above 4 keV, in contrast to recent reports of a hard component in the stars WR 6 and WR 110 which are of similar subtype; and (c) evidence for sulfur K-edge absorption at about 2.6 keV, which could only arise from absorption of X-rays by the ambient stellar wind. The lack of hard emission in our dataset is suggestive that WR 1 may truly be a single star, thus representing the first detailed X-ray spectrum that isolates the WR wind alone (in contrast to colliding wind zones). Although the properties of the S-edge are not well-constrained by our data, it does appear to be real, and its detection indicates that at least some of the hot gas in WR 1 must reside interior to the radius of optical depth unity for the total absorptive opacity at the energy of the edge.

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