Stellar Winds in Massive X-ray Binaries

Peter Kretschmar, Silvia Martínez-Núñez, Enrico Bozzo, Lidia M. Oskinova, Joachim Puls, Lara Sidoli, Jon Olof Sundqvist, Pere Blay, Maurizio Falanga, Felix Fürst, Angel Gímenez-García, Ingo Kreykenbohm, Matthias Kühnel, Andreas Sander, José Miguel Torrejón, Jörn Wilms, Philipp Podsiadlowski, Antonios Manousakis

Strong winds from massive stars are a topic of interest to a wide range of astrophysical fields. In High-Mass X-ray Binaries the presence of an accreting compact object on the one side allows to infer wind parameters from studies of the varying properties of the emitted X-rays; but on the other side the accretor's gravity and ionizing radiation can strongly influence the wind flow. Based on a collaborative effort of astronomers both from the stellar wind and the X-ray community, this presentation attempts to review our current state of knowledge and indicate avenues for future progress.

Preprint (kretschmar-iau329.pdf, 300kB)


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