Discovery of a putative supernova remnant around the long-period X-ray pulsar SXP 1323 in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Gvaramadze, V. V.; Kniazev, A. Y.; Oskinova, L. M.

We report the discovery of a circular shell centred on the Be X-ray binary (BeXB) SXP 1323 in the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC). The shell was detected in an Halpha image obtained with the Very Large Telescope (VLT). Follow-up spectroscopy with the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) showed that the shell expands with a velocity of about 100 km/s and that its emission is due to shock excitation. We suggest that this shell is the remnant of the supernova explosion that led to the formation of the SXP 1323's neutron star about 40 000 yr ago. SXP 1323 represents the second known case of a BeXB associated with a supernova remnant (the first one is SXP 1062). Interestingly, both these BeXBs harbour long period pulsars and are located in a low-metallicity galaxy.

Preprint (gvaramadze-sxp1323-2019.pdf, 0.4MB)

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