3-D Monte Carlo radiative transfer calculation of resonance line formation in the inhomogeneous expanding stellar wind

Brankica Surlan2,1, Wolf-Rainer Hamann3, Jiri Kubat1, Lidia Oskinova3, Achim Feldmeier3

1 Astronomicky ustav AV CR, Ondrejov, Czech Republic
2 Matematicko-fyzikalni fakulta UK, Praha, Czech Republic
Institut für Physik und Astronomie, Universität Potsdam, Germany

We study the effects of optically thick clumps, non-void inter-clump medium, variation of the onset of clumping, and velocity dispersion inside clumps on the formation of resonance lines. For this purpose we developed a full 3-DMonte Carlo Radiative Transfer (MCRT) code that is able to handle 3-D shapes of clumps and arbitrary 3-D velocity fields. The method we developed allows us to take into account contributions from density and velocity wind inhomogeneities to the total opacity very precisely. The first comparison with observation shows that 3-D density and velocity wind inhomogeneities have a very strong influence on the resonance line formation, and that they have to be accounted for in order to obtain reliable mass-loss rate determinations.

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