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Philipp Richter

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Full Professor and Chair for Astrophysics
at the University of Potsdam

Contact information:

Prof. Dr. Philipp Richter
Institute of Physics and Astronomy
University of Potsdam
14476 Potsdam/Golm

Phone: +49 331 977 1841
Fax: +49 331 977 5935
email: prichter@astro.physik.uni-potsdam.de

How to find me:

University Campus Golm
Building No. 28
Room 2.003


Andrea Brockhaus
Room 2.002
Phone: +49 331 977 1054
Fax: +49 331 977 5935
email: andrea@astro.physik.uni-potsdam.de

About my work

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Research in Astrophysics

I am leading the Astrophysics research group at the University of Potsdam. Research in our group covers a wide range of astrophysical topics, including interstellar and intergalactic gas, galaxy evolution, observational cosmology, active galactic nuclei, solar physics, and others. My personal research focuses on the properties of the circumgalactic medium (CGM) around galaxies and the intergalactic medium (IGM) that fills the Cosmic Web. For this, I am using the method of absorption spectroscopy in the UV and in the optical regime to study the amount and distribution of hydrogen and metal ions in the CGM and IGM at all redshifts. These absortion-line measurements are complemented with emission observations in the radio, X-ray and optical regime. I am also using state-of-the ast numerical hydrodynamical simulations to compare them with the results from the observations.

Teaching in Physics and Astrophysics

As a professor, teaching represents an important aspect of my work. I am teaching many different courses in Astrophysics (e.g., fundamental astrophysics, comology, galaxy evolution, interstellare medium) as part of the physics/astrophysics bachelor/master programs at our institute. I supervise the various astrophysics lab courses and seminars. I also teach experimental physics for geo-science students. Moreover, I examine students in physics/astrophysics at all levels.

University management

Since my appointment as professor in 2007 I have worked intensively in shaping the University's leading role in astrophysical research and education in the Berlin/Brandenburg area. For many years, I served as director/deputy director of out department. I have lead a larger number of committees to appoint professors in astrophysics at our department. I have developed and installed the master program astrophysics, one of the few international study programs of our University. Among the many duties I have I am currently acting as:

  • DFG liason officer of the University of Potsdam
  • Head of master program astrophysics
  • Head of the Research Initiative Astrophysics
  • Institute's representative in the PhD panel of our faculty