Caren and the Tangled Tentacles

A point-and-click Adventure game for the Commodore 64 (C64)

get version 1.1 here.

News on the Future of Caren

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- Caren was shown and open for public play at the Gamescom 2016 in Cologne.
(An article on the new C64 games on the homepage.)
- Won the 'Interactive' category of the cross-plattform Meteoriks Scene Award 2016.
- Won the 4Players Best Szene-Game Award 2015.
- Won the Forum64 Game Competition 2015.
- A special edition is distributed along with the Kickstarter-campain 'Commodore 64 - a visual commpendium, 2nd edition'
(A limited number of 100 boxed editions as well as > 2000 times as Emulator image)
- Entry on a german

Programming and scripting: Dr. Martin Wendt
Graphics and animation: Oliver Lindau
Music and sound effects: Kamil Wolnikowski (recent interview)

Specs summary:

- Fully handwritten 6502 Assembler multitasking adventure engine, 50Hz, 32 Threads
- Own scripting language which is compiled directly into 6502-Assembler
- Pathfinding, pixel-exact masking of main character
- Handpixeled graphics in MulticolorCharset Mode of the C64
(in short: 4 colors per 4x8 square, three global out of 16, one unique out of 8)
(or: two colors in 8x8, one global, one out of 8 / maximum of 256 such squares)
- SFXs can use all three voices of the SID, alternatively: 3 channel music, no compromises
(some sfx are strictly based on this research)

- fully developed on ARM architectures (and 6510 of course). Final build on Aarch64 (dragonboard410c) *g*


Joystick in Port 2, only the pointer is being controlled.

Hover above objects and press joystick button:
1x - walk there
2x - look_at, talk_to, exit (on Exit symbol)
keep button pressed - toggle into item panel at the bottom:
left - use
top - look_at
right - use with inventory (release button on selected item)

In game keys:
F3 to select language (English, German)
F5 to select Textspeed (Defaults is set to 5)
RETURN to toggle panel-selection speed
F1 to LOAD a saved game
F7 to SAVE a game


Final version 1.1 on

Competition version 1.0 on (deprecated now!)


Version 1.1 running of an Easyflash cartridge (unreleased)

Short walk around in version 1.1 on Youtube

First preview on Youtube

Second preview on Youtube (GAMESCOM 2015)


Extensive review, 'Reset RIPPER' (9/10) in RESET #8


Making of Lindwendture (working title) covered in RETURN issues 21 and 22.




Noted by The Irish Times


Some impressions from the game
Shots from the game.

Ron Gilbert at GAMESCOM2015
Ron Gilbert not hating our game at GAMESCOM (next to Oliver Lindau).

Caren on a small raytube TV
Photograph from small tube tv.

Links: Robert Megone helped with translation, proof-reading and testing. Thanks alot!

SLOW Javascript webbrowser C64 emulator running the game (WARNING: broken sound!) (link)