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Stars much heavier than the Sun are extremely luminous and drive strong stellar winds, blowing a large part of their matter into the galactic environment before they finally explode as  super- or hypernova. By this strong feedback, massive stars regulate the star formation and the further development of the cluster in which they were born. Massive stars generate most of the ultraviolet radiation of galaxies -- the whole Universe was re-ionized by the first (super)massive stars -- and power their infrared luminosities. Massive stars are bright signposts that help to determine the age, scale, shape, and content of the Universe. Quantitative knowledge of the action of massive stars is prerequisite to comprehend the Universe we see.

                                                                                  LO's Main  Research  Iterests
by J.C.Brown
  • X-ray emission from massive stars

  • Massive stars in the Milky Way center

  • Stellar wind clumping

  • High-Mass X-ray binaries

  • X-ray emission from young massive star clusters 
  • Recent Observational Projects

    -``The Fastest Stellar Winds as New Sources of Hard X-rays''
    XMM-Newton (PI)

    -``Wolf-Rayet 1: A study of X-ray production from a structured and massive wind" XMM-Newton (Co-I)

    -``Tau Sco: X-ray emission from magnetic early B-type star"  Suzaku (Co-I)"

    -``Can different elements move with different velocities in a radiatively driven stellar wind?''Chandra (PI)

    -``Enigmatic interacting binary Beta Lyrae''RXTE (Co-I)

    -``The B giants X-ray Emission''XMM-Newton (Co-I)

    - ``New Sources of Hard X-rays from the Fastest Stellar Winds''
    XMM-Newton (PI)

    -``X-ray emission from interacting binary Beta Lyrae''
    Suzaku  (Japan/NASA) (Co-I)

    -``The B Supergiant Bistability-Jump in X-ray Emission''
    XMM-Newton (Co-I)

    - ``Stellar winds and neutron star masses in eclipsing highly absorbed HMXBs''
    XMM-Newton (Co-I)

       - ``Massive Star Formation and Energy Feedback in the Starburst Region  N11''
    Chandra Large (Co-I)

    -"Study of the Quintuplet cluster in the Galactic Ceneter"
    VLT (Co-I)

    -"Stellar winds of B supergiants"
    XMM-Newton (Co-I)

    -"Wolf-Rayet stars in the Galactic Center"
    Spitzer (Co-I)

    Selected Recent Talks

    -"X-ray spectroscopy of single O stars"   2008

    - To John C. Brown "Winds of massive stars"  2007

    - Wind, Clumps and X-rays ' 2006

    - IGRs: gamma-ray selected  High-Mass X-ray Binaries' 2006

    - Quantitative X-ray spectroscopy of massive stars' 2006

    - X-ray emission from super star clusters' 2005


    Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Glasgow 2007-2008
    Royal Society/NATO Research Fellowship 1998
    Soros Research Fellowship  1997

    Scientific Employment

    Jan  2002 -   present    Scientific employee: Universitaet Potsdam
     Jan  2000  -  Dec 2000   Research Assistant: University of Glasgow
                    Sep  1998  -  Dec 1999  Royal Society/NATO Fellow: University of Glasgow